Somali Gov’t Again Closed Shabelle and Sky FM Radio Stations in Mogadishu


In Mogadishu there was again raided and shut down the transmissions of Radio Shabelle and Sky FM, the two broadcasting Radio Stations are sponsored by Shabelle Media Network that already had been closed last year with the destruction of all their equipment by the police.

In 2013, Shabelle media Network charges for illegal occupied with a public place.
On Friday 9:30 am, August 15/2014 the NISA Security forces led by Abdicasis Africa, the unforgettable and so far never punished rapist, along with Jebril Abdi, of Fadumo Abdulqadir Hassan, a journalist working with Radio Kasmo, has entered into new offices of Shabelle Media Network by taking all the equipment and making arrests nineteenth Journalist and other staff, including the Chairman of Shabelle Media Network Abdimalik Yousuf Mohamud, the Director of SKY Fm Mahamud Mohamed Dahir (Arab) all these nineteenth Journalists and other staff were bringing down in their offices in handcuffs.
The raid was made pursuant to a decree from the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to close the two stations on charges of terrorism and destabilization of the state.

The raid and closure of Radio Stations in addition to the arrest of journalists happened in what journalists have perceived as retaliation of news reports and interviews broadcasted by both Radio Shabelle and Sky FM program night in which they talked about an interview with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud gave to US-based PBS television.
Responding to questions from the well-known American journalist Judy Woodruff on the closure of Shabelle Media Network, although this is a broadcaster award at the international level, the President Mohamud talked about the infiltration of Al Shabab in 90% of the media in Mogadishu but no one believes him and instead it is believed that the most important voice of independent journalism in Somalia continues to bother the top institutions after taking the transmissions in the new premises.

In fact; these days to mature in Somalia the second anniversary of the abandonment of transitional institutions and the advent of the federal institution supported by the international community with the task of accompanying the country, for four years, towards reaching an election system and the adoption to a new constitution. In the middle of this path the federal institutions manifest the total inability to achieve their long term goals.

The Federal authorities, with the President Mohamud in the head, remain locked in the compound of Villa Somalia clinging stamps and signs of rampant lions with which they delude themselves to be able to administer the country