Symposium On Parents’ Role in Advising the Youth Against Bad Ideologies Held in Mogadishu


A symposium on parents’ role in advising the youth against bad ideologies was held in Mogadishu on Saturday.
The symposium was sponsored by Centre for Community Awareness (CCA) and was discussing how parents can be able to monitor their children so as to avert bad ideologies.

The symposium was attended by two hundred people from different districts of Mogadishu especially Abdulaziz, Boondheere and Shangani. Representatives of the military court were also present. Also present were representatives from Banadir Regional Administration, other representatives from the districts’ administrations and representatives from CCA. Abdirahman Mohamed Tuuryare, the head of the military court who was one of the representatives of the military court at meeting said the country is in a new ara at the moment, an era in which any people who are against peace are going to be defeated.

He congratulated CCA for sponsoring the priceless symposium. He added that any person who kills an innocent person will be executed and he called for every Somali national to work with the security forces.
He also said Alshabaab is an enemy against peace and he called for parents to stop their children from joining Alshabaab.
The chairlady of Banadir Women and the commissioners of Abdulaziiz and Shangani Districts, Mrs. Jawaahir Baarqab, Cusmaan Muhidin Ali (Ariif) and Said Abdulkadir Said pledged that they will welcome such symposiums in future. They also requested the parents to protect their children from awful ideologies. They also advised people to cooperate for the improvement of peace and stability in the country. They called for the people of Abdulaziiz, Shangani and Boondheere Districts to work with their administrations and the security forces.

The Director of CCA, Mohamed Abdi Hassan Sandheere gave a speech on the noble activities of CCA. He also laid emphasis on how CCA is dedicated to support the Somali parents in the process of monitoring their children so that children can give back to their society, so that children can guard the dignity of their religion and so that in future the children can be the good leaders of the country.

Finally when the symposium ended the participants issued points which if followed to the letter, peace can be enhanced, integration can be boosted and parents can be able to monitor the comportments of their children properly.