Seat Number HW/0094/JL of Jubbaland was on the five seats annulled by the Independent Electoral Disputes Resolution Mechanism.


The first rerun of the seat took place on February 2, 2017 in Kismayo. Abdullahi Adan Shacir and Mohamed Mukhtar Ibrahim contested the seat. There were two rounds of voting and Mohamed Mukhtar got more votes (27 against 24 Votes) both rounds but the electoral implementation team reported faults and they have intentionally cancelled the clear winner and instead announced to be rerun for a third time. This caused chaos which resulted in the cancellation of elections.
The election was repeated on February 6, 2017, and the electoral implementation team in Kismayo manipulated the electoral college members. The seat is owned by Doqondiide sub-clan of Gaaljecel. The electoral college members were expected to come from the sub-clan however in order to get the much expected result, the electoral implementation team in Kismayo announced that there would be new delegates coming from Gaaljecel instead of Doqondiide. Iimaan Mohamed Hassan, the traditional leader, refused the new arrangement. The Federal Indirect Electoral Implementation Team intervened the matter and determined that there should not be a change of electoral college members. Unfortunately, the electoral implementation team in Kismayo  run the election and the only candidate present was Mr. Abdullahi Adan Shacir who has said to have secured 40 votes against no one. It appears mismanagement over the rerun seat of Jubbaland.