Somalia: Who Deserves To Be Elected As President in 2016


As the tenure of President Hassan Sh. Mohamoud comes to an end, it is the right time to move Somalia forward and hold presidential and parliamentary elections based on fair play and without the slightest corruption.

The presidential and parliamentary election of 2012 was marred by open corruption with the result that Somalia’s political and social affairs has been deteriorating ever since on all levels of the nation’s life. Year on year the International Community and The Transparency International Organization has rated Somalia as the most corrupt and mismanaged country in the world.

Most Somalis also believe that their country is misled, misappropriated, fragmented into tribal based fiefdoms and with the present state of affairs Somalia is in danger of being a nation in the past.

The strategically located and resources rich country of Somalia deserves better treatment from the International Community than is the case now. As for the leadership of the country, Somalis need to change the way they elect their would be leaders by eliminating corruption and power abuse in Somalia.

Those individuals who are well known to have indulged in huge corruptions, nepotism, favouritism combined with very bad leadership must not be elected to the highest offices in the land or even any office.

No nation has ever prospered with corruption, bad leadership and misappropriation of national assets. In the 2016 elections in Somalia, bright, intelligent and patriotic Somali men should come forward to lead the country. It is time to make a real political and social change in Somalia in order to salvage the country from oblivion and complete disintegration.

If Somalia is to be salvaged and reunited, the current government must not come back to office including all its ministers as they have been accused of massive national corruption and national treachery as well.

The free hand of Ethiopia and Kenya meddling in the internal affairs of Somalia must be stopped and both these two countries must stop their unlawful aggression against the Somalis and Somalia and pull out their mercenary forces.

President Hassan’s recent visit to Jigjiga was national treachery of the highest order and the Somali people will never forgive him for that treacherous visit. Since President Hassan and his team came to power in 2012, Somalia has further disintegrated, its image in the world hugely damaged and its security and economy reached its worst level ever.

Now Somalia looks like a practical colony of Ethiopia and Kenya because President Hassan and his team have hugely facilitated this colonialism of Somalia.

Somalia is a proud national and its people will never accept the current political and social humiliation by Ethiopia and Kenya facilitated by President Hassan and his prime minister.

I would urge all progressive and patriotic Somalis to salvage their country and regain the exclusive ownership of their mother country without further delay.