Radio Dalsan Director Released From Prison


The director of Dalsan radio Hassan Ali Gesey who also doubles up as the chairman of Somali independent media houses association (SIMHA) who was detained in Somali capital Mgadishu has been released.

Mr. Gesey was arrested on Wednesday alongside side Dalsan staff manager Abukar Hashara by Somali intelligence agency in connection to an interview he gave to voice of America Somali services on Tuesday night concerning the outcome of a meeting between the independent media houses in the country and the government security agencies.

Somali intelligence agency has earlier this week ordered the independent media in the country to stop broadcasting or publishing stories related to Al Shabaab offensive unless press briefing provided by the Somali security agencies.

Somali independent media houses association has welcome his release saying Mr. Gesey arrest was violation of freedom of speech in the first place and urged the Somali government to respect the freedom of speech.

Several international media advocacy groups including committee to protect journalist has condemned his arrest.