Nairobi Conference to Discuss Alshabab and Boko Haram


Several African presidents including President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and other high profile dignities as well as top security officials from African countries are attending a security conference in Nairobi on how best to tackle terror groups in the continent especially BOKO HARAM AND ALSHABAAB.

This comes after Alshabaab and Boko Haram increased their activities in Somalia and in Nigeria as well as Nigeria’s neighbors and Somalia’s Neighbors.

analysts say there is need to increase the initiatives aiming at the restoration of peace and stability in Somalia. at the same time, analysts say it is necessary to enhance intelligence activities to monitor well the activities of Alshabaab.

On the other hand, in the US African Leaders Summit of last month, the US president Barack Obama pledged assistance for African governments in the fight against terror groups. The US government currently supports AMISOM in the fight against Alshabaab.