Peacekeepers Reportedly Killed in Battle with Alshabaab


Alshabaab claim they killed 20 AMISOM soldiers in yesterday’s clashes at Golweyn and Bulamareer. Sheikh Abdulaziz Abu Musab, the spokesperson of the military of Alshabaab said so.

He added that they burnt several armoured vehicles belonging to AMISOM.
He said the clashes were fierce at the outskirts of Bulamareer. He said Alshabaab members are besieging Bulamareer and that AMISOM and the government troops are only in the town.

“We killed 20 of them and we wounded many more”.Sheikh Abumusab said. He said the aim of AMISOM and the government is to divide the people in Lower Shabelle Region where Golweyn and Bulamareer are.

He called for the people in Lower Shabelle to take part in the fighting and to fight alongside Alshabaab. The attack by the government and AMISOM is part of a broader operation dubbed as Operation Indian Ocean which the government wants to dislodge Alshabaab from parts of Lower Shabelle which were under Alshabaab for a long time.

However, the situation of Bulamareer where the clashes between the government forces backed by AMISOM and Alshabaab took place yesterday is calm this morning.

Yesterday, AMISOM and the government troops attacked Bulamareer and Golweyn and ran over them. This morning, the allied forces started investigations in those areas especially in Bulamareer town. The allied forces are in search of any Alshabaab militants who remained in the town together with illegally possessed firearms.

As many people fled the town because of the clashes of yesterday, the allied forces are asking those remained many questions so that they can confirm they are not members of Alshabaab.

Even though the government army officials didn’t speak about the impact of the clashes, witnesses say there were many negative impacts of the fighting which can be felt. Some 20 civilians were wounded in the crossfire.

Some of them were brought to Mogadishu for treatment